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Solution to 37m concrete pump truck pressure failure

  Concrete pump trucks bring about much convenience and improves efficiency in modern construction. However, all that only happens under the condition that everything goes well. Even a minor tiny problem might put a concrete pump truck out of work completely. Here we share a typical case of pressure failure of concrete pump trucks.

  Failure phenomenon:

  After pumping concrete for a period of time, a 37-meter boom pump truck gets weaker and weaker in pumping. The pressure is poor and can not be adjusted.

  Failure analysis:

  1. The mixing motor is damaged

  2. The mixing overflow valve is damaged

  3. The gear pump is damaged
a 37m concrete pump truck

  Troubleshooting process:

  1. Adjust the stirring pressure. If it is normal, the stirring pressure is too low; if it is not normal, the stirring overflow valve may have been damaged. Disassemble the overflow valve to observe whether the pressure regulating spring is broken. If it breaks, replace the spring.

  2. Check the unloading oil pipe of the mixing motor to see if there is abnormal heating or abnormal noise. If yes, replace the motor.

  3. When all the above have been eliminated, swap the reversing gear pump oil outlet pipe and the mixing gear pump oil outlet pipe to see if the mixing is normal. If it is normal, the mixing gear pump must be severely worn and cannot build up pressure. Replace the gear pump.

  It turned out that the failure of this 37m concrete pump truck came from the last point. The gear pump was severely worn during the troubleshooting, and the pump truck went back to smooth pumping after the gear pump was replaced.

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