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Rules for Concrete Boom Pump Truck Operators

  The concrete boom pump truck is among dangerous engineering vehicles which may cause injuries not only on streets but also during operation. Therefore, it’s crucial for operators to learn basic rules in practical operation.
concrete boom pump truck

  All operators of the concrete boom pump truck must go through strict professional training before getting into work. Although listed at the top, this rule is usually neglected by so many concrete pump truck owners who are eager to put their pumps into task to make profits. It should be emphasized again that trained operators lay foundation to regular obeying to all the rules followed. Operators should be clear about the requirements of concrete to be pumped. The running period of a concrete boom pump should be in accordance with that is said in the instruction manual. The largest inclination angle of the whole pump body should be no bigger than 30 degrees. Bigger inclination angles may cause overloading of rotating gears and unstable property of the pump truck. In case of departure from the ground of one or more support legs, they must be reset to guarantee that they will be able to stand on the ground steadily.

  After stopping the concrete boom pump truck, the concrete inside the end soft pipe will continue flowing out. If the mouth of the end section of distributing boom is down to the ground, concrete within it will flow out, too. In case that the pump has been stopped for over 5 minutes, the concrete in the end soft pipe must be discharged, or else the concrete will spray out strongly upon the next starting up of the pump, which may damage the soft pipe. If you need to fold, stretch or retreat the distributing boom, you should make the pump work reversely for a few rounds to avoid falling or spraying of concrete during movement of the boom.

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