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How to deal with tube plugging of concrete pump truck 1

  It’s really tricky to be encountered with tube plugging of a truck mounted line concrete pump, which not only extends your task time but also brings trouble and even dangers. Here are common judging methods and corresponding solutions to tube plugging of a concrete pump truck.  Plugging at the feeding mouth

  Symptom: Both the pumping and hydraulic systems are normal without any unusual sounds and vibrations. Large aggregate or mixture bumps appear in the concrete tank or at the feed mouth.

  Solution: Have the truck mounted line concrete pump rotate reversely to destroy the bumps. Concrete will get back to the tank, ready for another circulation of pumping. If the method above does not solve the problem, you need to eliminate the bumps or blockages manually.
new concrete pump truck for sale

  Tube Plugging at the Distributing Valve Outlet

  Symptom: The pumping system suddenly stops accompanied by unusual noise and strong vibration of the pump truck, but there is no vibration in the boom pipe.

  Solution: Continuously pour 15 to 30 liters of cement paste into the tank, and observe whether the outlet will become fluent. If this method does not work, you have to dismantle connecting pipes and remove impurities in the valve manually.

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