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How to deal with tube plugging of concrete pump truck 2

  This part deals with symptoms of and solutions to tube plugging at the S valve and in the pump pipe of a concrete pump truck.

  Tube Plugging at the S Valve
concrete pump truck

  Such a plugging does not occur until concrete has accumulated enough in the valve. The main reason lies in failure in timely flushing of the S valve of a concrete pump truck, which makes concrete remains accumulate day by day until the valve gets plugged.

  Solution: Bear in mind that you must clean the S valve in time after a task. Small hammers can be applied to remove remaining concrete after flushing.

  Tube Plugging in the Pump Pipe

  Symptom: The material level does not decrease with raise in pumping pressure. The concrete fails to get out of the pipe outlet. The pump vibrates with strong vibration and even movement of the pipe.

  The plugged position is in the pipe parts that get bent, swollen or vibrated. You can find out the plugged position by listening. The parts with flowing noise of concrete are normal and those with shrieks are blocked. You can also knock the pipe little by little with a litter hammer, and the part giving off suffocating noise are plugged.

  Solution: You should have the concrete pump truck work reversely to get the blocked concrete back into the mixing tank. Serious plugging can also be eliminated by knocking the pipe with a wooden hammer while the pump works reversely.

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