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How to extend concrete pump’s service life

  Concrete pumps generally work in harsh environments and complex conditions, which shortens their service life greatly if operators do not pay enough attention. Then how to extend a concrete pump’s service life?
trailer concrete pump

  The mud outlet of a concrete pump should be cleaned regularly because the pump works continuously. If it is not cleaned in time, the pipe gets blocked easily. You can use water or gas to wash off the dirt, and the same method is suitable for pipe cleaning as well. To maintain a high performance hydraulic system, you should choose the right type of hydraulic fluid for complete mechanical energy. The return filter should be checked twice before each use. Only the normal oil return can make the electrical system and components perfectly combined and operate smoothly. You should also check the performance of the lubrication system in time. Choose the appropriate type of lubricant, clean the connection of each lubrication system in time, and provide enough kinetic energy for the pump. Only the normal operation of lubrication system can ensure the mutual conversion of the mechanical energy and kinetic energy of a pump. For emergent tasks, a good pump can replace half of the manpower.

  Pay attention to pump protection in cold winters. You should choose an appropriate antifreeze to protect the oil tube and filters for sucking&returning from severe coldness. The pump should be tested before formal construction, and make sure the oil is returned and that the mechanical energy is complete. Idle concrete pumps should not be exposed to sunshine or rain. The latter makes a pump gets rusty easily. A better way is to cover the whole pump body with a piece of water proof cloth and preserve the pump in the garage. Before using it again, check whether the performance of each part is complete and whether it has the working conditions of the construction.

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