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Solutions to hydraulic vibration of a concrete pump truck

  Reasons for hydraulic vibration of a concrete pump truck may lie in the hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil, overflow valve, pipe, electromagnet or mechanical structure. Solutions are as below.

  Hydraulic Pump: Intake air, the installation position is too high, the oil absorption resistance is large, the gear tooth shape accuracy is not enough, the blade is stuck and broken, the plunger is stuck and the movement is not flexible, and the parts wear make the gap too large.

  Method: Replace the inlet port seal, the height of the suction port nozzle to the pump suction port should be less than 500mm, ensure the diameter of the suction pipe, repair or replace the damaged parts.

  Hydraulic oil: the liquid level is too low, the suction pipe is inserted into the liquid surface depth is not enough, the viscosity of the oil is too large, and the filter is clogged

  Method: Refueling, long-term immersion of the suction pipe to the specified depth, replacement of suitable viscosity hydraulic oil, cleaning of the filter

  Overflow valve: the orifice is blocked, the clearance between the valve core and the valve seat is too large, and the spring is invalid.

  Method: Clean the damping hole, repair the gap between the valve core and the seat, and replace the spring
concrete pump truck

  Other spools are not flexible

  Method: cleaning, deburring

  Pipe: The pipe is slender, there is no fixing device, and each other is hit. The suction pipe is too close to the return pipe.

  Method: refers to the installation of fixtures to expand the distance between the pipelines and the distance between the suction pipe and the return pipe

  Electromagnet: The electromagnet is poorly welded, the spring is too hard or damaged, and the spool is stuck in the valve body.

  Method: re-weld, replace the spring, clean and research the valve core and valve body

  Mechanical: The hydraulic pump and the motor coupling are not concentric or loose, there is impact when the moving parts stop, the reversing lacks damping, and the motor vibrates

  Method: keep the concentricity of the pump and the motor shaft not more than 0.1mm, use elastic coupling, fasten the dowel, set damping or buffer device, and balance the motor.

  These are reasons and solutions for hydraulic vibration of a concrete pump truck. Hope it’s helpful.

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