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How to deal with truck mounted concrete pump failures

There are many possible failures of a truck mounted concrete pump, and here we deal with several of them. Solutions are shared as well.
The hydraulic system of a concrete pump truck is without pressure or insufficient pressure.
Reason: The relief valve is opened, because the valve core is stuck, it cannot be closed, the damping hole is blocked, the valve core and the valve seat are not well matched or the spring is invalid.
Solution: repair the valve core and the housing, clean the damping hole, replace the spring
Reason: Other control valve spools are stuck due to faults, causing unloading
Solution: Find the fault location, clean or repair, and make the spool move flexibly in the valve body.
Reason: The hydraulic components are seriously worn or the seal is damaged, causing internal and external leakage.
Solution: Check the tightness of the connections at the pump, valve and piping, repair or replace parts and seals
Insufficient traffic of the hydraulic system of a 54m concrete pump truck
Reason: The fuel tank liquid level is too low, the viscosity of the oil is large, and the filter blockage causes the oil absorption resistance to be large.
Solution: Check the liquid level, replenish oil, replace the hydraulic oil with suitable viscosity, and ensure the diameter of the suction pipe
truck mounted concrete pump truck
Reason: The hydraulic pump has serious idling wear and performance degradation.
Solution: Check engine, hydraulic pump and hydraulic pump variable mechanism, change pump if necessary
Reason: The return pipe is above the liquid level and the air enters
Solution: Check that the pipe connections and seals are correct and reliable
Reason: Accumulator leakage, insufficient supply of pressure and flow
Solution: Check accumulator performance and pressure
Leakage of the hydraulic system of a truck mounted concrete pump
Reason: The joint is loose and the seal is damaged.
Solution: Tighten the joint and replace the seal
Reason: Plate connection or flange connection joint screw pre-tightening force or seal damage
Solution: Preload should be greater than hydraulic pressure, replace the seal
Reason: The system pressure is longer than the rated working pressure of the hydraulic components or accessories.
Solution: The pressure inside the component housing should not be greater than the allowable pressure of the oil seal.
Overheating of the hydraulic system of a concrete pump truck
Reason: improper pressure adjustment, long-term work under high pressure
Solution: Adjust the relief valve pressure to the specified value and improve the circuit if necessary
Reason: Power loss due to leakage and mechanical friction in the system
Solution: Check leaks, improve sealing, improve machining accuracy, assembly accuracy and lubrication conditions

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