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How to Clean A Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

  As known to all, it’s crucial to clean a trailer mounted concrete pump after it finishes a round of task. Then how to clean it effectively? Here are some steps.
trailer mounted concrete pump

  The cleaning of a trailer mounted concrete pump usually includes that of the pumping pipe, the pumping device, the concrete piston and outlet of water. To clean the pumping pipe, you should first remove the soft head pipe and insert the bolt into the pin valve tube. Then remove the 150A pipe connection and open the Y-type pipe by loosening its follower bolt, and now the concrete inside the taper pipe can be scraped out. Remove the bolt off the pin valve tube and then install the washing device and pipe. Start up the water pump and keep it working until the foam plug gets out of the head end of the pumping pipe. After each task, you should clean concrete left in the hopper, at the entrance of the slide valve and at blind angles. Then start up the trailer pump to discharge remaining concrete. Both manual work and water pumps should be applied in careful cleaning of movable components, or else wearable parts and sealing surfaces might be worn out more rapidly. Both pistons should be retreated into the washing cabinet before release remaining pressure of the system. Then clean the pistons and then have a careful inspection of them. Rub the lubricants onto washed pistons.

  After the whole cleaning work, water outlet should be opened to release remaining water completely together with a water pump. A cleaned trailer mounted concrete pump should be kept operating for around 18 minutes until mud around the slide valve is totally replaced by lubricants, which is key to maintaining properties of the pump and extending service life of the slide valve, therefore, you must stick to this operation after every round of cleaning.

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