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Different Types of Concrete Pumping Equipment

The speed of manual concrete pouring is too slow, and the construction efficiency of a pump truck is high. However, choosing a right equipment is a difficult problem. There are three different pumping equipment: trailer concrete pump, concrete pump truck and truck mounted concrete pump.
Trailer pumps, truck-mounted pumps and boom pump trucks are all concrete conveying equipment, which utilizes the pumpability of concrete to deliver concrete to designated pouring points. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
The trailer line pump is the cheapest among the three. There are electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump. he difference lies in whether the power source of the hydraulic system is provided by the motor or by the diesel engine.
electric cocnrete pump

The running noise of the electric concrete pump is relatively small, but it needs to set up power lines, which is more troublesome. If there is no suitable power supply, or the circuit is too long, it is not recommended to choose a motor pump. The diesel concrete pump is relatively flexible when working. If it is in a place where there is no sufficient power supply, it is of course safer to choose a diesel engine pump.
The truck-mounted concrete pump add as drivable chassis based on the trailer pump, which is more convenient and quicker to transfer than the trailer pump truck. In other aspects, it is similar to the concrete pump trailer.
The price of the long boom concrete pump is the highest, and it is also the most convenient to use for the concrete boom pump truck has its own boom system. At the same time, in terms of construction efficiency, it is also the highest.
The maximum driving speed of the boom pump truck chassis can reach 80Km/h, and the boom is controlled by a wireless remote control system. The operator can control the pump truck boom within a distance of 100 meters. . Therefore, this requires more professional practitioners.
What kind of project you buy equipment for determines which equipment is more suitable for you. For example, when repairing tunnels and mines, electric concrete pumps re the most suitable. The horizontal pumping distance of the trailer pump is long, and the ambient sound of the electric concrete pump is relatively small.
If you are engaged in the high-rise building construction and the construction site is fixed, the trailer concrete pump is also a good price. After all, its purchase and use cost is the lowest. Moreover, it has a relatively strong ability to adapt to harsh working conditions, and the pumping height is also guaranteed.If you need to transfer between different construction sites, it is best to recommend a truck-mounted pump, which is flexible in transition.
The long boom concrete pump also has different working adaptation ranges according to the length of the boom. For example, a short-boom pump truck within 40 meters is suitable for the concrete pouring of some small buildings with floors lower than 6 floors. At the same time, for bridge construction and small residential construction, the operability of the pump truck is also the most comprehensive, and the mobility is better.

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